Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Wisdom Is Gone

WARNING! a little gross

So recently I got my wisdom teeth out (wooptidoodles!!) -_- actually with the first night it didn't even seem like I got them out. I was up and about and playing with my baby cousin and my mouth not puffing out. But now (wahhhhh! ><) its really hurting without pills and I'm uber paranoid if I have a dry socket.  Which means I have to start all over.

 The grossest part is I have this nasty yellow stuffing oozing out. Seriously it makes me gag of how bad it tastes. I'm sure shit with butt sweat tastes better.
                                            (this just gets grosser and grosser watching it)

I can't wait till I can eat solid foods again  
mmmmmm look at this beauty. I have been craving ribs sssoooooooo much. Ribs at T.G.I Fridays with that new sour drink. FUCK YEAH!

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