Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life Update

So for over the summer I had an idea that I should make my own gyaru accessories since I really don't want to pay for shipping and make them my own. I will mostly be making bows, necklaces, and decorating shoes and maybe "pimping out" some clothes. I hoping this will get excited for starting Art Institute in July (short summer) I'll be studying fashion design 

some inspiration pictures

Before my summer really starts, my school has a last day talent show(finally graduated high school, it only took one extra year haha). I'll be doing Parapara (of course). I'll be doing the songs/dances

                    Mermaid (4Skips vs. Shohei Matsumoto[松本祥平] Remix)/ Tsukasa


A Love At First Sight/Asya
Once Upon A Time/Pamsy
Samurai Blue/GO2
I hope I get a third win

Also I think I'm becoming sick again and I'm going to be feeling even worse soon cause I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I wish they would take out my tonsils too, they look like little snowmen.

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