Monday, June 16, 2014

"with an encouraged edge in personal style, Dolls Kill is a leading fixture in the society of praised rebellion. If you would rather give an enthusiastic "FUCK YOU" than conform to the contrived styles of today's industry, then we've got you covered.
Inspired by the perpetual revenge of young girl fantasy, Dolls Kill is an active subversion of the fashion industries "norm". Whether she is experimenting with fashion, music or sexual identity, the Dolls Kill customer can be seen aggressively fighting the higher power and unapologetically raising hell wherever she goes. Here is where you will find clothing inspiration pulled from the digital Tumblr girl world, bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylized gutter punks. Navigate through the site and unleash your inner riot girl at an online shopping destination unlike anywhere else." sell awesome thinks from other brands and designers. I'd say there's something for every style. If you actually like new Neo Gyaru then I think this website would have some cool stuff to suit that style. Also this site isn't really a place to shop if you're on a budget but it's still cool either way.
Now they don't only have just what I've posted. They also sell dresses, swimwear, lingerie, sunglasses, jewelry, tights and a bunch of other stuff. But you can kind of get the idea of the themes.







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