Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Christmas List

   Ninja Girls vol 4+
March Story vol 5+
KageTora vol 4+
Dance in the Vampire Bund vol 12+
Ai Ore vol 6+
Kamisama Kiss vol 4+
Grand Guignol Orchestra vol 2+
KuroHime vol 1 & vol 3+
Dengeki Daisy vol 3+
Alice in the Country of Clover (what ever come's after the Dee & Dum one)
The Earl & the Fairy vol 3+
Olympos vol 1
Shojo Manga Pop & Romance Drawing Book
Kodomo Manga Drawing Book
Missions of Love vol 1
Tenjo Tenge vol 1
Any Hard Yaoi

Girl's Life DVD (japanese's one with Sakurina)
Ageha, Egg, or Cure Magazines
Gift card to Barns & Noble, Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay, or GameStop.

Otome games:
Dandelion (the full version)
In Your Arms Tonight (All stories)
Seduced in the Sleepless City (all stories)
Love Academy (4 character set)

If you get me any of this I will be happy out of my mind and very thankful ^0^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will give you my address if you want to...(after I do some sort of check on you to make sure you'r not some weirdo)

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