Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My thoughts on Gyaru

I think gyaru is about is just about being a girl. A rebel girl being herself. Bringing attention to herself and loving herself and to feel beautiful and confident. 

 I guess you could say it becomes a life style if you enjoy it. I'm starting to make everything girly ^_^ 
I have decided to be my own type of gyaru. 
I never liked fallow trends and I'll admit it hurts to be bashed but, COME AT ME BRO. 
I dont need someone to tell me if something it right or wrong, i can figure that out myself. 
Gyaru or not I am still me, not some carbon copy. 
I'll do my makeup how I want to do it. I don't care if it's out dated. 
I like it and I think it looks good so thats all there is to it. 

Now about the whole skinniness think, we are not asian. It can be very unhealthy to be that skinny. 
We are all different. 
I still love gyaru even if it is a huge pain in my ass. 
We all learn at our own pace. 
So for those more experianced gyaru, lay off the newer ones. We all know how hard it is. 
And seriously stop the hate. I'm not just saying that to sound sweet. I mean its really annoying and is getting old. 
Go vent somewhere else. 
We should all be sisters. 

We are not helping each other out, we're making each other feel bad. Why do people have to make their suggestions sound so rude? 
We are all trying are best no matter who you are.
It sure takes courage to be apart of the western gyaru community and I respect all of you for that. 

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