Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the Lonely Crazy Gyaru lol ^_^

So ummm....Iphone and Ipad Dating sim apps. -^_^-

SHALL we date?

This one is pretty much just a free trial of all the "shall we date?" games.
I already bought all of them ^_^ 

Shall we date?:Ninja Love 

Extra stories are $6.99 each (i'm so glad I bought all the extra stories on all of them when they were like $2.99)
pretty much will all of them you get 3 to 5 stories, i guess that pretty good.

Shall we date?:My Sweet Prince


Shall we date?:"KONKATSU" for marriage


Shall we date?:Actor to be


Shall we date?: Heian Love


Pirates In Love

With free I think you only get on story. The extra stories cost $3.99

My Forged Wedding

Extra stories are $3.99


A story ticket, a memory ticket, 10 memory tickets all cost $0.99
11 story tickets cost $2.99

I'm sure there is more but I'm to lazy to look :p

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