Sunday, June 15, 2014

Circle Lenses Review My First One ! !

   Ok so I was FINALLY able to buy circle lenses and I decided to buy a pair from UNIQSO and used Fetsu's %10 discount code. I was already happy that lenses on the site were nicely priced unlike sites I've seen. (Basically my reaction at seeing prices on some sites.)

   I got these. Dolly Eye Ariale Blue. I got these because the pretty green colored diamond ones I wanted didn't do prescription, I'm blind, so I went with blue. Thats another thing I liked about the site. Cheep. Prescription. Lenses. (Inner celebration.) 

   When I put them in they were pretty comfortable. The felt like my regular lenses for the most part. They did make my eyes feel tired a little at first until I got used to them.
  There was also plenty of room for the pupil to grow so my vision would blur on outerness of my vision, cause holy crap my pupils get big.

I have to finish off saying...I recommend These

Now for Derpelicious photos! YAY!!! ( ̄◇ ̄;)

My eyes look weird :p and those stupid bottom lashes uggh

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